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EnGarde Body Armor and Bullet Proof Vests

EnGarde® is a leading manufacturer of high quality body armor, bullet proof vests and bomb blankets used by military, law enforcement and civilian security services around the world.

Our bulletproof vests start with the finest materials available, such as DSM Dyneema®, Kevlar XP™, Pro-Systems Artec® and Teijin Twaron®, and combine them with advanced ergonomic engineering, giving our body armor a cool, comfortable fit, even in hot climates. We pride ourselves on our engineering talent and their ability to combine performance, comfort and durability while meeting the highest standards of protection and versatile application. Complementing the engineering, our armor products are manufactured in the Netherlands under the most exacting production standards.

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EnGarde body armor outperforms standards set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) while maintaining light weight and a cool, flexible fit. Our Dyneema® ballistic panels are not affected by UV light or water and are guaranteed for 10 years! 

We complete the customer experience by delivering personalized service and fast delivery, making our products the best value in ballistic protection today. We deliver on time, no excuses. Our body armour combines the best products with service that sets new standards for the security industry.

On a personal level, we're acutely aware that our customers are trusting us with their lives. Whether you are a police officer on the street, a sailor on the bridge of a ship off the Somali coast, a journalist in a conflict zone, a doorman at an exclusive club or a security agent on patrol, EnGarde body armor is your best choice to protect yourself against a constantly evolving threat landscape.

At EnGarde we don't want anyone to be tempted to leave their bullet proof vest behind because they are hot or uncomfortable to wear. Customer satisfaction, comfort and safety are our highest priorities.

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