PATROL™ Series

Our EnGarde Patrol™ vest is an ideal tactical armor choice for personnel who need occasional protection against high velocity ammunition.

  • Highly functional carrier system
  • Easily accessible pockets for hard armor
  • Our most popular tactical model
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RHINO™ Series

The EnGarde Rhino™ is the latest addition to our line of tactical body armor. The Rhino™ is an advanced but low profile vest.

  • Premium tactical carrier system
  • MOLLE webbing platform
  • Fully integrated pockets for hard armor
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Persons in a non-combatant role such as reporters, medics, engineers, technicians and civilians typically choose the EnGarde Panther™.

  • Full coverage tactical carrier system
  • Detachable neck and shoulder protection
  • Integrated cargo pockets
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Our top of the line tactical body armor designed specifically for entry and tactical teams is the EnGarde Leopard™.

  • Our most advanced tactical carrier system
  • Full MOLLE webbing platform
  • Optional throat, groin and bicep protection
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T.R.U.S.T.™ Series

The T.R.U.S.T.™ is a plate carrier system designed for high-risk operations including active shooter situations.

  • Designed to face high velocity threats
  • MOLLE webbing platform
  • Accepts Level III or IV hard armor plates
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