PATROL™ Series

Our EnGarde Patrol™ vest is an ideal tactical armor choice for personnel who need occasional protection against high velocity ammunition.

  • Highly functional carrier system
  • Easily accessible pockets for hard armor
  • Our most popular tactical model
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RHINO™ Series

The EnGarde Rhino™ is the latest addition to our line of tactical body armor. The Rhino™ is an advanced but low profile vest.

  • Premium tactical carrier system
  • MOLLE webbing platform
  • Fully integrated pockets for hard armor
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Persons in a non-combatant role such as reporters, medics, engineers, technicians and civilians typically choose the EnGarde Panther™.

  • Full coverage tactical carrier system
  • Detachable neck and shoulder protection
  • Integrated cargo pockets
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Our top of the line tactical body armor designed specifically for entry and tactical teams is the EnGarde Leopard™.

  • Our most advanced tactical carrier system
  • Full MOLLE webbing platform
  • Optional shoulder/collar, groin, throat and deltoid protectors
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T.R.U.S.T.™ Series

The T.R.U.S.T.™ is a plate carrier system designed for high-risk operations including active shooter situations.

  • Designed to face high velocity threats
  • MOLLE webbing platform
  • Accepts Level III or IV hard armor plates
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Tactical Armor Explained

Tactical body armor is mainly used by law enforcement and military personnel. Civilians and journalists who operate in dangerous areas, such as war zones and areas prone to piracy, also wear tactical body armor.

Differences between concealable and tactical body armor

The most important difference between concealable and tactical armor is that tactical armor is usually worn over clothing and has two additional pockets that carry optional hard armor plates. These hard armor plates give the wearer increased protection against high velocity rounds and armor-piercing ammunition.

The outer shell of a tactical vest has to be constructed from strong and heavy-duty fabrics such as Cordura® in order to be abrasion resistant in combat situations. Some tactical armor also offers a MOLLE platform. This webbing system provides quick and secure attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and other accessories.

Tactical armor models

Currently we offer five different types of tactical armor. The Patrol™ is our basic tactical vest and a best seller among police officers. The Rhino™ is the latest addition to our line of tactical body armor and very popular with officers requiring a MOLLE platform.

The Panther™ and Leopard™ models are designed for high-risk situations and can accommodate ballistic collar, throat, groin, and bicep protection. The T.R.U.S.T.™ is our plate carrier system which can be configured for a variety of threat environments and repurposed on the fly.

All of our tactical armor models, except for the T.R.U.S.T.™, are compatible with all of our soft armor panels. Tactical body armor can be matched to any threat environment. To discuss specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff.