Dedicated to protecting the lives of those who put themselves on the line protecting the rights of others.

Our customers include law enforcement, private security, military personnel, non-profit organizations like Doctors Without Borders, journalists and individuals from a variety of industries working in dangerous areas. Those choosing our products are trusting us with more than their business; they trust us with their lives.

Edgar Stek and Iwan Luiten co-founded the company in 2003 and continue to manage day-to-day operations. Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around the world. We then combine those best in class bullet-stopping materials with superior engineering and ergonomics to make our vests the most comfortable for long-wear situations, even in the hottest climates!

EnGarde® is based in the Netherlands, a small country that plays a big role in the body armor industry. It’s no coincidence that the world’s best and most innovative ballistic materials, such as DSM Dyneema® and Teijin Aramid, are manufactured right here. Our core mission is making ballistic vests with unparalleled stopping power to save lives. This is what our clients and their families deserve and rely on us to provide. In addition, we take a personal approach to customer service with quick, easy and open lines of communication.

At EnGarde® we’ve got your back.

Recent clients

EnGarde is proud to serve thousands of clients worldwide, supplying them with the highest quality body armor products on the market today. Our customers include law enforcement, elite military units and private security forces.

Alpha T.V, Greece
ANP, The Netherlands
Aruba Police Force
Barth Diffusione Institute, Verona, Italy
City Police, Palermo, Italy
Coca- Cola, Greece
Curaçao Police Force
DPG Media, The Netherlands
DXB International, Iraq
Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands
Falck Security, The Netherlands
Focus Magazine, Germany
Free Press Unlimited, The Netherlands
General Electric, United States of America
Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Greek Special Police Operator Team
Greek Military Police
Greek Airforce Operator Team
Greek Navy Team
Greek National Post
Greek Trade Bank
Governmental Road Transport Department, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Greek Police Stations (247 stations)
Greek Boarder Guard
Greek Coast Guard
Greek Red Cross “Henry Dunant”

Group 4 Securicor & Wackenhut Security Holding S.A
Hellenic National Defense Staff
Hellenic National Navy operating in Somalia
Hellenic Riot Police
Honeywell, United States of America
IAP Worldwide Services, United States of America
IBA Bodyguards
La Presse, Canada
Merriil Lynch, United States of America
Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Germany
NATO, Afghanistan
Norwegian Government Security
NOS, Dutch Broadcasting Foundation
OSS Group, United Arabs Emirats
Police Department in Greenland, Denmark
Polizia Municipale Caltanisetta, Italy
RTL Nieuws, The Netherlands
Saab Bofors Dynamics, Sweden
Samaritan’s Purse, United States of America
Stadt Wuppertal, Germany
The AIM Group, United States of America
United States Army, United States of America
US Embassy, Bolivia
Vereniging van journalisten, The Netherlands
VPRO, The Netherlands

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