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We live in a world of evolving threats and more vendors are adding body armor to their current product lines. Companies considering body armor for field employees now include shipping, transportation, communications, locksmiths, networking, alarm companies, security services and a host of other businesses that have started providing body armor to field staff. EnGarde® would like to be your partner to meet that need.

We offer compelling value to our partners, providing complete packages that include a carrier, an optional feature of many of our competitors. We also take pride in our customer service, offering quick shipping and complete instructions for taking care of your new body armor product. All of our products meet or exceed the most demanding standards of certification and testing, allowing you to wear our products with the same sense of pride we take in making them.

If you are interested in becoming an EnGarde® reseller, contact us and send your application.

Please make sure to send us you complete company information and a short note in which you state why it should be interesting for both parties to start a partnership.