A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene found that officers who do not routinely wear body armour are 3.4 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury from a torso shot than officers who are properly equipped. The evidence is clear; body armor saves lives.

The materials used by manufacturers of ballistic protective equipment have improved enormously over the last few years, enabling the design of ballistic vests that offer higher levels of protection at a much lower weight. Computer modelling has produced new ergonomic designs providing a more comfortable fit.

Use of the latest high performance textiles eliminates most of the difficulties associated with wearing a ballistic vest. Moisture wicking fabrics keep the wearer cool and dry, even when wearing a vest for extended times in hot climates. EnGarde® is proud to have served ten thousands of clients worldwide since 2003 and offer them the highest quality concealable and tactical armour.

Concealable Body Armour

Our DeLuxe™ and Dual Use™ vests are ideal for undercover operatives in situations when tactical body armour could give away their presence. It can be a great advantage if an adversary is not aware that personnel are wearing ballistic protection.

Tactical Body Armour

Our Patrol™ line is our basic tactical vest with two additional pockets allowing for optional hard armor plates. The Rhino™, Panther™ and Leopard™ series are our body armor line designed for high-end tactical applications. The T.R.U.S.T.™ series is our plate carrier system, which can be configured for a variety of threat environments and repurposed on the fly.

Specialist Body Armour

For the business traveler working in a dangerous area we have the Executive™ line of body armor, designed to be worn with business attire. Our Puma™ line is tailored to look like a jacket but has removable soft armor panels inside.

Hard Armour

Hard armor plates are added to soft armour to stop high velocity rounds from rifles and machine guns. If the threat is armor piercing rounds, it will be necessary to add Level IV hard armor plates. To complement our tactical ballistic vests, we offer tactical helmets.

Other Gear

Our TitanSkin™ and ENGARTEX™ panels can be used to add extra layers of protection to your body armour. Our TitanSkin™ panel gives you maximum protection against knives, spikes and hypodermic needles. Our ENGARTEX™ panel offers the wearer additional trauma reduction. Our Ballistic Blanket, also known as a bomb blanket, helps to contain the destructive force of explosive devices. Our Ballistic Briefcase quickly unfolds into a mobile ballistic shield.