We know that if a bulletproof vest is hot or uncomfortable, users will be tempted to leave it behind. That’s why all our vests start with bullet-stopping super materials like DSM Dyneema®, a polyethylene-based fiber that’s 15 times stronger than steel but light enough that it floats! Around that we fit a tough but flexible exterior that resists scuffing and maintains its good looks for years. On the inside of your bullet proof vest we fit a space age moisture wicking material that keeps you cool and dry, even during extended wear in hot climates.

At EnGarde® we know that military, law enforcement and private security personnel face a constantly evolving threat environment. It’s no longer enough to have a bulletproof vest that only stops handgun ammunition. Law enforcement and military teams today are facing active shooters with high-powered assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades and armor piercing ammunition. Those threats are, in some cases, actively and deliberately targeting police and law enforcement personnel. At EnGarde® we recognized that evolving threat environment early on and made many of our most popular bullet proof vests and tactical ballistic vests so they can be upgraded to withstand hits from high powered rifles and armor piercing ammunition. Our tactical ballistic vests are made to take a hit from a high-powered rifle round and keep you in the fight.

EnGarde® is proud to offer a complete line of bullet proof vests, tactical vests, ballistic helmets and our highly versatile bomb blankets, which can be adapted to variety of threat scenarios. We never forget about the families of the people who wear our products. At EnGarde®, we know your life can depend on your bulletproof vest.

Premium Bullet Proof Vests

The bad guys aren’t taking a day off and neither can your bulletproof vest. EnGarde® produces only the best premium bulletproof vest and tactical ballistic vests. We start with the very lightest and strongest space age materials on the market and combine them with advanced ergonomic engineering to insure that our vests are the toughest on the market but still light, cool and flexible, even during extended wear in hot climates.

Ordinary bulletproof vests don’t have moisture wicking materials on the inside that keep you cool when it’s hot outside. Low quality outer materials don’t flex the way human beings move and can restrict the motion of the wearer. We also design our premium bulletproof vests to be adaptable to new threats with addition of additional soft and hard armor panels that can be matched to almost any threat. An EnGarde® bulletproof vest is simply the best protection you can buy.

Buy Bullet Proof Vests

We make it easy to purchase a premium EnGarde® bulletproof vest and tactical armor by working with top vendors around the world. Our vendors are experienced at meeting the unique needs of government, military and law enforcement customers. Drop us a message we’ll be happy to refer you to one of our valued resellers.