The MT-PRO™ panel brings a new level of protection and performance by adding stab protection. This panel provides true multi-threat protection while maintaining the high standard of comfort our customers have come to expect.

Our MT-PRO™ meets the rigorous standards of NIJ .04 Level IIIA, but we went even further by testing the MT-PRO’s™ bullet stopping capabilities against eight different types of ammunition! The MT-PRO™ supplies excellent performance against close to the edge shots.

By integrating Dyneema® fabrics from Aviant with our proven TitanSkin™ anti-stab technology, we were able to develop a multi-threat panel that provides both superior ballistic performance and stab protection. The MT-PRO™ is one of the few products that stops the HOSDB P1 Blade at 15 Joules (<20mm) and a hypodermic needle at 5 Joules, according to VPAM KDIW 2004.

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Finest materials

Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around with world.


Ballistic Capabilities
NIJ Level IIIA according to STD 0101.04*
+ 7.62x25 Tokarev FMJ S&B (Brass Jacket) @1800 ft/s
SK1 certified according to TR03/2008
Protection against needles
VPAM KDIW 2004 (5 Joules)
Protection against knives
HOSDB P1 knife (15 Joules < 20mm)
V50 – 9MM Luger DM41
516 m/s
Armor Material
DSM Dyneema® / Aramid
Areal Density
5.4 kg/m2
8 mm
7 years
* .44 Magnum SJHP Remington type R44MG3 @ 436 (± 9 m/s) and 9mm FMJ–RN Remington type L9MM2 @ 436 (± 9 m/s)

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