The PRO-PLUS™ series ballistic panels are tested by the new NIJ Standard-0101.06 protocol and provide Level IIIA protection. The panel features a robust and durable armor design incorporating layers of Dyneema®, combined with the latest Twaron Trauma Reduction Technology.

This unique combination of technologies results in very low trauma values for the PRO-PLUS™ series in comparison with other ballistic packages on the market. The PRO-PLUS™ is designed for professionals, looking for highly protective and durable armor panels that can take a hit.

The durability of the PRO-PLUS™ series allows us to provide a ten-year warranty on the ballistic performance of this model.

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Finest materials

Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around with world.


Ballistic Capabilities
NIJ Level IIIA according to STD 0101.06
Protection against knives
NIJ 0115.00 P1 knife (15 Joules < 20.4 mm)
NIJ 0115.00 S1 knife (25 Joules < 9 mm)
V50 – .357 SIG FMJ
575 m/s
Armor Material
DSM Dyneema® / Teijin Aramid
Areal Density
6 kg/m2
8.2 mm
10 years

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