The FLEX-PRO-IIIA™ is the lightest and most advanced ballistic package in the EnGarde® line of soft armor panels. It’s an ideal choice for customers looking for an extremely concealable solution with the highest level of protection. For this flexible panel we incorporated Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology.

The result is a soft armor panel that is one of the world’s lightest NIJ Level IIIA solutions. Besides excellent protection against handgun rounds, the FLEX-PRO-IIIA™ boasts some of the best V50 (fragmentation) performance in its class. As an added bonus the FLEX-PRO-IIIA™ offers stab protection against ordinary knives.

The FLEX-PRO-IIIA™ exceeds the latest NIJ standards for strength and durability while minimizing weight and maximizing flexibility and comfort. Uncompromising quality and advanced engineering is why the FLEX-PRO-IIIA™ is our flagship product.

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Finest materials

Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around with world.


Ballistic Capabilities
NIJ Level IIIA according to STD 0101.06
+ 7.62x25 Tokarev FMJ S&B (Brass Jacket) @1800 ft/s
+ 7.62x25 85gr Romanian Tokarev FMJ @1530 ft/s
Protection against knives
NIJ 0115.00 P1 knife (15 Joules < 20mm)
NIJ 0115.00 S1 knife (25 Joules < 20mm)
V50 – .357 SIG FMJ
554 m/s
V50 – STANAG 2920 17gr. FSP
645 m/s
Armor Material
DSM Dyneema® / Teijin Aramid
Areal Density
4.5 kg/m2
6 mm
7 years

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