EnGarde®, a global leader in advanced body armor solutions, proudly announces the launch of the COMFORT-GEN7™, a revolutionary new ballistic panel that supersedes the classic NIJ Level II COMFORT™ model. The original COMFORT™ model, renowned for its exceptional flexibility and comfort, has been a cornerstone of the EnGarde® product line for over a decade. Now, the COMFORT-GEN7™ takes this legacy to new heights.

Triple Tested for Superior Performance
For the past two years, EnGarde® has been dedicated to developing a panel that not only matches the unparalleled flexibility of the classic COMFORT™ model but also significantly enhances its ballistic performance, all without adding extra weight. Responding to requests from our German customers, we aimed to certify this new ballistic package according to the stringent German SK1 standard.

We are thrilled to announce that the COMFORT-GEN7™ has successfully passed extensive ballistic testing and meets the rigorous standards of the NIJ 0101.06 Level II, the Swedish RPS 1, and the German Schutzklasse 1 TR03/2008. This SK1 certification ensures that the panel offers superior stopping power including contact shots, while maintaining reduced weight and exceptional flexibility.

COMFORT-GEN7™: The Premier Solution in Ballistic Protection
The COMFORT-GEN7™ is poised to become one of the premier solutions in the market, delivering superior stopping power and enhanced comfort. Production of the COMFORT-GEN7™ panels is already underway, and these new panels will replace the classic COMFORT™ panels in the coming weeks. Importantly, the next-generation panels are fully compatible with all EnGarde® carrier systems, ensuring a seamless transition for our customers.

Confidence in Protection
“We are confident that our customers will find the COMFORT-GEN7™ to be the perfect successor to our classic COMFORT™ panel,” said Edgar Stek, managing partner at EnGarde®. “Our new panel meets and exceeds expectations, providing unparalleled protection and comfort. At EnGarde®, we’ve got your back.”

Experience the future of ballistic protection with the COMFORT-GEN7™. Stay protected, stay comfortable.