EnGarde BV, one of the top manufacturers of bulletproof vests and high quality body armor, and DSM Dyneema, producer of ultra-lightweight Dyneema® fabric, have signed a Trademark License Agreement.

Under the terms of this agreement, EnGarde BV will be able to display the Dyneema® component logo on products as a sign of performance, confidence and quality. The Dyneema® panels used in the production of EnGarde bulletproof vests and ballistic products are manufactured with pride in Holland.

Utilizing only the highest quality components available, EnGarde BV manufactures the highly regarded Deluxe, Dual Use and Leopard line of bulletproof vests with Dyneema® ballistic panels as a key component of their design. Providing superior protection at a fraction of the weight, EnGarde uses only genuine Dyneema® ballistic panels because customer safety is priority one.

Some bulletproof vests incorporate ballistic panels made with imitation UHMWPE fabrics, but not EnGarde.

Iwan Luiten, marketing manager of EnGarde BV said, “We have worked with DSM Dyneema for more than 11 years and have supplied thousands of companies with body armor made with Dyneema®. We have seen a lot of products on the market that use imitation UHMWPE fabrics. Most of these fabrics are not only illegal to sell in Europe due to patent protection, but also are of highly variable quality. Despite the economic crisis we are very happy to see more companies choose quality and performance products, such as our Dyneema® vests, rather than risk substandard products from the low bidder.”

EnGarde advises against taking chances on product quality when your own life or the life of your employees might be at stake. The few dollars difference in price between genuine Dyneema® ballistic panels and the gray market imitations are simply not worth the risk.

That’s why EnGarde BV is proud to partner with DSM Dyneema and proudly display the Dyneema® symbol of quality on all our products.