The EnGarde® Dual Use™ undergarment vest is an ideal choice of concealable body armor for law enforcement officers and security personnel. The Dual Use™ has two extra internal pockets allowing the addition of NIJ Level III hard armor plates for more advanced threats.

The Dual Use™ is another great option for those who may need occasional protection from assault rifles and for those needing maximum armor conceal ability during high-risk undercover operations. The hard armor plates provide maximum protection against rifle fire and improved blunt trauma protection. The additional trauma protection preserves the wearer’s ability to return fire after taking a hit.

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Finest materials

Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around with world.


Available ballistic packages
Carrier material
High denier microfiber Nylon
NIJ protection level
Weight (medium size / 0.3 m2)
1.9 kg NIJ Level IIIA (FLEX-PRO-IIIA™)
4.4 kg NIJ Level IIIA (FLEX-PRO-IIIA™) including two NIJ Level III inserts
Black, White

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