In 2016 we reengineered the shape of our ballistic panels. We made a commitment to our customers to maintain a stock of legacy panels and replacement carriers to fit the older models of our vests. So far we’ve managed to keep our inventory of legacy products, including carriers and accessories in many models and colors, adequate to address customer needs.

As the years pass many of our legacy ballistic products will be falling out of warranty. Our panels are warrantied for 5, 7 or 10 years. The exact period of your warranty is listed on your ballistic panel label. Using ballistic products past their warranty period presents an unnecessary risk to the wearer.

Moving forward we may not be able to maintain an extensive inventory of replacement carriers and panels for products that are past their serviceable life.

If you need support for a legacy product, here’s what to do.

If Your Ballistic Panels Are Still Under Warranty
Many older carriers are looking scuffed and worn by now, it may be time to consider replacement. If your panels are under 10 years old, you can treat yourself to a new carrier at a hefty (up to 50%) discount. Contact our customer service department for offer details.

In some rare cases to serve an older model product, we may need you to send us a picture of the item’s tag with the serial number plainly visible. If your product was manufactured in 2015 or earlier, you’ll need to contact our customer service department for a replacement carrier.

If Your Ballistic Panels Are Out of Warranty
We understand that letting go of a comfortable piece of clothing can be difficult, so we’ve come up with some incentives to encourage our legacy customers to modernize their ballistic package. Our customer service department has been authorized to extend some rather eye-popping discounts to past customers to upgrade their older model vests.

The promotion ends on the 30th of November 2021.