SICUR is one of Spain’s largest and most comprehensive security conferences in the world. Leading the way with combining security in the physical and digital worlds, SICUR draws more than forty thousand industry professionals from eighty one countries representing over a thousand companies. Every two years the venue brings together a range of security products and services that is rivaled by few other shows. In 2020 the show ran from February 25th to the 28th. SICUR is positioning itself as the premier show for Spain and Spanish speaking participants.

One of the participants at the show this year was Satara Seguridad, one of the largest law enforcement body armor suppliers in Spain. The company went all out on their display at SICUR, featuring the latest trends in ballistic protection and body armor. Joining them at the display was EnGarde BV, a premier body armor manufacturer located in the Netherlands, and one of Satara Seguridad’s ballistic product suppliers.

“We wanted to support our largest body armor dealer in Spain,” says Iwan Luiten, Marketing Manager at EnGarde BV. “The idea was to feature some of our newest and most advanced body armor products, some that we have just rolled out for 2020 specific to the Spanish market.”

EnGarde and Satara Seguridad jointly developed a new series of textile carriers that are specifically tailored to Spanish law enforcement agencies. The fabrics used for these overt carriers are light, durable and breathable, making them ideal for police and others needing reliable service, even in extremes of temperature and difficult weather conditions.

The law enforcement products developed by the two companies are all compatible with EnGarde’s FLEX-PRO-IIIA soft armor panels. The addition of state-of-the-art ballistic panels makes the duty wear not only stylish and comfortable but equal to the most stringent body armor standards in the world.

“Working with large suppliers to customize our products is an exciting opportunity for us,” Luiten maintains. “We look forward to expanding our partnerships with both our current vendors and new large volume customers.”

Spain has over 130,000 members of the law enforcement community, many of whom wear body armor as an everyday part of the job. Having a local vendor like Satara Seguridad, partnered with a top-name international body armor manufacturer, means customers can be assured of having the best in class materials and ballistic products customized to fit the needs of local jurisdictions.

The SICUR event has been very successful for both EnGarde and Satara Seguridad. The two companies are looking forward to more collaborative efforts in the future.