At EnGarde® we make sure the people we depend upon for our security have the best body armor products on the market. While security technology is constantly evolving, there is no gadget solution that can protect the public. Our security depends on highly trained people keeping a watchful eye on public places. Those people, the ones putting themselves on the line for our safety, depend on EnGarde® body armor to take care of them.

Walk around the city of Paris and you’ll see security people stationed at the entrances of office buildings, media outlets, and other strategic locations. After experiencing a series of terrorist attacks, France implemented tighter routine security and the vigipirate a color-coded system to alert the public when a potential threat has been detected.

Paris Security Teams Trust EnGarde from Iwan Luiten on Vimeo.

“Quality body armor is critical for the defense of security personnel,” says Iwan Luiten, at EnGarde®. “Protecting police, security, and military personnel is our only mission. They are our first line of defense and their survival is our priority.”

Besides police, security, and military personnel, EnGarde® also provides body armor and helmets to humanitarian projects that involve people working in dangerous areas. Freelance journalists, often working with little or no support network, risk their lives trying to bring atrocities into the media spotlight. With correspondents in 150 countries and issuing over 1,000 press releases every year, Reporters Without Borders acts to fight censorship and laws aimed at restricting freedom of information. To provide those daring journalists with at least some protection, EnGarde® works with Reporters Without Borders to supply many of their field reporters with the EnGarde® Panther Press Edition body armor.

Whether they’re on the front lines of the fight against terrorists or on the front page exposing the atrocities of dictators, EnGarde® has their back.