Trying to top a successful product is always a challenge but, at EnGarde, we have exceeded even our own high expectations with the next generation of our popular Panther™ body armor system for non-combatants.

Journalists, medical personnel and NGOs working in conflict zones live with a constantly evolving threat landscape and ever more deadly weapons of war. Body armor for non-combatants working in hostile environments is no longer optional.

EnGarde has body armor products specifically made for the unique needs of civilians in conflict zones. Today we’re rolling out the next generation of our popular Panther™ armor that adds new levels of functionality and comfort to the popular product. We also updated the styling, giving the Panther™ a trimmer and more camera-friendly exterior appearance.

Improving our versatile, full-coverage tactical Panther™ vest was not easy. The technical feat required close cooperation with our clients and we spent a lot of time listening to their concerns. The product of that effort is one of the most comfortable modular tactical vests available for professionals and civilians in a non-combat role.

The Panther™ model is compatible with all of EnGarde’s ballistic soft armor packages and can carry two hard armor plates to protect the wearer against high-velocity rifle rounds and high-speed grenade fragments. 

The new model offers all the features of the older product, with the addition of optional ballistic throat, shoulder/collar, groin and deltoid protectors. The carrier is made with super-strong Cordura® fabric, to resist scuffing, and fitted with extra equipment pockets.

New technologies and material innovations have made body armor lighter and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, even in hot climates, For many organizations, body armor has become required equipment for personnel operating in dangerous areas.

EnGarde is an ISO 9001 certified body armor manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Through our international network of distributors in more than 30 countries, EnGarde is able to advise and serve customers worldwide. EnGarde offers high-quality body armor solutions as well as lightweight hard armor plates, helmets and bomb blankets.