A recent Texas State University report paints an interesting picture of the changing threat landscape facing law enforcement and security personnel in the U.S. Nearly a third (27 percent) of active shooter incidents now involve an assailant with either a rifle or multiple weapons that would include a rifle.

It paints a picture of a changing threat landscape that, nearly a third of the time, involves weaponry that may be superior to the type of body armor being worn by most front line police and security personnel, particularly in urban centers.

Many Threats, One Solution

The transitional nature of the threat landscape means that front line responders need tactical gear that can be configured to meet multiple threat scenarios which is exactly the engineering behind the EnGarde T.R.U.S.T.™ plate carrier system. The same tactical vest can be configured with two Level IIIA, Level III or Level IV hard armor inserts. The panels can be swapped out in minutes which means the EnGarde T.R.U.S.T.™ plate carrier system can be repurposed as necessary for different tactical applications.

Protection That Counts

At EnGarde that reflects the standard of performance we set for ourselves every day. Never content with a mere passing grade, we strive to produce the very best, most versatile products in any class of body armor. We never forget our customers are trusting us with their lives. That’s why we start with layers of the strongest, lightest materials on the market today, like DSM Dyneema®, to craft our bulletproof vests and ballistic panels.

At EnGarde we don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise with quality. We invite you to review the complete specs on our website here and check out our other new additions to the EnGarde line of ballistic panels.