Stopping high-powered rifle rounds requires a hard armor plate. Using advanced materials the weight of our level III hard armor plate has been reduced nearly 25%. Even though it’s light, our Level III plate provides better protection than steel. Our TUFF-PRO-LW™ insert offers excellent multi-hit protection against a variety of common military ammunition.

The plate is triple curved to provide maximum ergonomic comfort. The TUFF-PRO-LW™ is a hard armor plate that actually helps you float in water!


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Finest materials

Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around with world.


Ballistic Capabilities
NIJ Level III (ICW) according to STD 0101.04
+ 7.62 x 39 AK-47 MSC (720 ± 10 m/s)
+ 5.56 x 45 NATO Ball (3.6 g, 980 m/s ± 20 m/s)
Armor Material
DSM Dyneema®
25cm x 30cm
1.25 kg
18 mm
5 years

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  • Highest protection level for tactical armor
  • Multi-curved design
  • Stops armor-piercing rounds
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HEAD-PRO™ Series

  • ACH/MICH helmet shape
  • Superior comfort padding system
  • Strong multilayered construction
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