For those in law enforcement and military facing high-powered tactical threats on a daily basis, EnGarde® introduces the Rhino™ tactical carrier system. Like its namesake in the wild, the Rhino™ is built for the toughest jobs and the biggest threats in the urban jungle. Those who make their living breaching secure locations, responding to hostage situations and active shooter callouts can’t afford to cut corners on personal protection and EnGarde’s Rhino™ is the toughest package on the market.

With easily accessible plate pockets to carry both Level III armor panels and Level IV hard armor inserts, the Rhino™ is made to stop high powered rifle rounds and armor piercing ammunition. So whether the threat is a small caliber handgun or a sniper with a high-powered rifle, the Rhino™ is the right tool for the job.

Inside the carrier the Rhino™ has adjustable straps that help distribute the load evenly across the shoulders. A low-profile closure system ensures that the Rhino™ won’t snag on obstacles in tight quarters.

On the outside the Rhino™ features a full MOLLE platform with attachments for ID and department tags on the front and back, along with a wide assortment of MOLLE compatible pouches and equipment carriers.

For those who risk their lives in the field everyday, the Rhino™ is the armor they trust with their lives.