EnGarde body armor is pleased to announce that it is donating body armor to support the mission of the Swedish division of Reporters Without Borders. With correspondents in 150 countries and issuing over 1,000 press releases every year, Reporters Without Borders acts to fight censorship and laws aimed at restricting freedom of information.

“EnGarde is dedicated to protecting the lives of those who put themselves on the line protecting the rights of others. Security guards, law enforcement officers, military personnel and journalists,” says Iwan Luiten, Marketing Manager of EnGarde. “Freedom of the press is very important for people world-wide and we are happy to be able to make a small contribution to those defending that freedom.”

EnGarde is supplying Reporters Without Borders with the EnGarde Panther PRESS edition body armor, designed specifically to meet the needs of journalists and media working in conflict areas where they face an increasingly dangerous threat environment.

Reporters Without Borders will lend out the vests to freelance journalists operating in conflict zones around the world. Freelancers operate in dangerous conditions and frequently do so without the support of a major news organization and many lack basic protective equipment. Reporters Without Borders supports freelancers by lending them protective equipment they might not be able to afford to buy for themselves. Reporters Without Borders relies solely upon sponsors and benefactors to provide this equipment.

The EnGarde Panther PRESS edition is the civilian version of EnGarde’s top selling tactical police vest which combines maximum protection with unmatched mobility. This vest provides NIJ Level IIIA protection which can be increased to NIJ Level III or NIJ Level IV by inserting a hard armor plate in front and back. The vest includes removable neck and shoulder protection.

With the help of Reporters Without Borders and EnGarde body armor, freelance journalists will at least have a fighting chance to bring back stories of corruption and oppression in war torn parts of the world that might not otherwise be told. EnGarde supports the principles and mission of Reporters Without Borders and is pleased to be able to provide material support toward their goals.