Extensive research and rigorous testing has allowed EnGarde body armor to introduce a new body armor panel, the ENGARDEIIIA-PRO. Test results reveal that the armor complies with the latest NIJ 2005 interim requirements.

The ENGARDEIIIA-PRO panel showed superior performance during tests at HP White laboratory Inc., an NIJ/NLECTC approved testing laboratory. When .44 Magnum ammunition was fired at (240g SJHP) the vest, the back face signature of the panels stayed well below the maximum allowed 44 mm. The back face signature of the panels using 9mm (124g FMJ) ammunition did not pass the 29 mm mark.

In addition to the excellent results from the shooting tests, the ENGARDEIIIA-PRO is very comfortable and also extremely durable. The ENGARDEIIIA-PRO is guaranteed to keep its ballistic properties for ten years!

The combination of durability, comfort and safety make the ENGARDEIIIA-PRO an outstanding choice for all-round use. EnGarde body armor is now offering the ENGARDEIIIA-PRO ballistic construction for all its Level IIIA body armor models.

EnGarde body armor is based in Amsterdam , The Netherlands and serves clients worldwide providing state-of-the-art body armor products. Recent clients include NATO, IAP Worldwide Services and the AIM Group.