The Milipol Paris exhibition, being held at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre on November 17-20, this year has special significance for EnGarde body armor. France was rocked earlier in the year by a series of terrorist attacks and that means the Milipol exhibition takes on a sense of urgency for attendees and exhibitors alike.

EnGarde opted to present its line of body armor and tactical armor products in the Major Risks area of the exhibition. This area is dedicated to current and emerging threats and is at the heart of the Milipol exhibition.

This has been a challenging year for French Police and anti-terror law enforcement personnel. The attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket by Islamist militants rocked the law enforcement community, which had to face combatants armed with high powered assault rifles. Some departments realized their protective equipment did not provide adequate protection to address that level of threat.

EnGarde tactical body armor products are constantly evaluated against the major threats our users might encounter in the course of duty in law enforcement, military engagements and private security operations. We tailor our tactical armor products to the specific threats and wearability requirements of each profession. Most EnGarde products can be configured for multiple threat scenarios and quickly modified in the field if a higher level of protection is required.

“The modular design and easy upgrade of our body armor products is a big plus for our customers,” says Iwan Luiten, Marketing Manager of EnGarde. “It allows them to upgrade quickly to meet extreme tactical threats they may not face on a daily basis.”

The focus for EnGarde this year will be on helping law enforcement agencies plan an upgrade path for their body armor and tactical armor products. By staying on the EnGarde plan, law enforcement and anti-terror officers on the front lines will be protected from the most common weapons in the hands of terrorists these days and will be able to quickly integrate improvements in body armor technology in the future.

One of the products EnGarde will spotlight this year at Milipol will be the MT-PRO™ panel. Since its introduction, the MT-PRO™ panel concept has become very popular in France, offering a high level of protection against bullets, knives and hypodermic needles. For law enforcement and security personnel on the street, having stab protection is critical and EnGarde delivers.

We invite anyone interested in seeing the MT-PRO™ panel, or any of our other tactical gear in person, to stop by our display booth at 5 L 146.