Keeping with its standards of offering the most cutting-edge body armor protection as well as always listening to feedback from its customer base, EnGarde® has redesigned its Dual Use™ carrier. The redesigned concealable Dual Use™ model continues to have the same advantages as the previous model, while adding some new ones.

One of the biggest advantages of the Dual Use™ vest is that by wearing this low profile vest on the body, opponents will not necessarily notice you are wearing body armor even with the two additional hard armor rifle plates inserted. The visible presence of body armor might prompt an opponent to aim at an unprotected part of the body.

Main features of the low profile Dual Use™ carrier include:

  • Durable and light weight Microfiber nylon shell
  • Internal pockets for soft armor panels that protect against handgun rounds
  • Additional and easily accessible front and back pockets for 10”x12” hard armor plates
  • Low profile silhouette making it ideal for covert operations; can be worn discreetly under a shirt, jacket or sweater
  • One of the lightest covert systems on the market, Dual Use™ carrier + FLEX-PRO™ soft armor + two TUFF-PRO-LW™ hard armor plates, coming in at under 10 lbs
  • Featuring our FLEX-PRO™ soft armor panels using the latest Dyneema Force Multiplier technology
  • Comes in sizes XS to 5XL to allow any bodysize to comfortably wear the new Dual Use™ carrier