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Body Armor Technology

Our vests start with the finest materials available, such as DSM Dyneema®, Kevlar® XP™, Pro-Systems Artec® and Teijin Twaron®. These materials enable us to produce ballistic vests that are light, flexible and extremely durable. Currently we offer three high-end NIJ Level IIIA ballistic packages and one highly flexible NIJ Level II ballistic package.


Our most flexible soft armor panel

The COMFORT™ is the most flexible ballistic package in the EnGarde® soft armor panel range. An ideal choice for customers that are looking for an extremely concealable solution.

The new Dyneema® material we use for our COMFORT™ soft armor panel allows a soft armor panel that is four times as flexible as our previous ULTRA™ NIJ Level II panel.

This full-wrap design offers a NIJ Level II protection and is also tested according to the Swedish RPS 1 standard including 9 x 19 DM11 A1B2, .357 Magnum JSP and 9x19 FEB clean range ammunition.

ENGARDEII-COMFORT™ | Armor technical details

Ballistic capabilities :

NIJ Level II according to STD 0101.04
RPS 1 PVS/P 036/08
Armor material : DSM Dyneema®
Areal Density : 4.00 kg/m2
Thinness : 4.9 mm
Warranty : 10 years


Exceptional performance and superior comfort

The ultra thin and flexible -ULTRA™ ballistic panel consists of layers of Dyneema® combined with the latest Twaron Trauma Reduction Technolgy. The ULTRA™ panel has been rigorously tested by independent testing laboratories and is compliant with the latest NIJ Level IIIA performance standards.

EnGarde has also successfully tested the ULTRA™ panel according to the ballistic requirements of German Schutzklasse 1 TR03/2008, including the 0-meter distance (contact shot) tests.

ULTRA™ is an enhanced version of the ULTRA-06™ model launched in 2012. The durability of the pure Dyneema® ULTRA™ series armor allows us to provide a ten year warranty on the ballistic performance of this model.

ULTRA™ | Armor technical details

Ballistic capabilities : NIJ Level IIIA according to STD 0101.04
  SK1 certified according to TR03/2008
Armor material : DSM Dyneema®
Areal Density : 5.3 kg/m2
Thinness : 7 mm
Warranty : 10 years


Threefold protection against bullets, knives and needles

The EnGarde MT-PRO™ series is one of our most advanced ballistic products. The MT-PRO™ is dual-purpose armor providing superior stab and ballistic protection. In this design we have successfully integrated innovative Dyneema® fabrics from DSM with our proven TitanSkin™ anti-stab technology. This integration results in an extremely light, ultra-thin and ruggedly tough multi-threat solution.

Bullets, Knives and Needles

We submitted our MT-PRO™ to the most stringent testing program we have ever created for a ballistic product. Normally only two different bullet types are tested with NIJ Level IIIA but our MT-PRO™ was tested with no less than eight different types of ammunition including close to edge shots (35mm from edge) and close group shots (35mm distance).

The MT-PRO™ is one of the few products to be officially certified to stop the HOSDB P1 Blade at 15 Joules (<20mm) and a hypodermic needle at 5 Joules according to VPAM KDIW 2004. We can proudly state that the MT-PRO™ is a true multi-threat panel.

MT-PRO™ | Armor technical details

Ballistic capabilities : NIJ Level IIIA according to STD 0101.04
SK1 certified, according to TR03/2008
Armor material : Blend of DSM Dyneema® and TitanSkin™
Areal Density : 5.4 kg/m2
Thinness : 8 mm
Warranty : 7 years


The most low profile and light-weight SK1 solution on the market

The ultrathin FLEX-PRO-SK1™ ballistic panel is made using the latest Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology.

The FLEX-PRO-SK1™ ballistic panel is our latest and most flexible SK1 certified model and is currently the most lightweight SK1 panel available on the market.

The FLEX-PRO-SK1™ panel has been rigorously tested and officially certified by Beschussamt Mellrichstadt according to Schutzklasse 1 TR03/2008.

The durability of the FLEX-PRO-SK1™ series allows us to provide a ten year warranty on the ballistic performance of this model.

FLEX-PRO™ | Armor technical details

Ballistic capabilities : SK1 certified according to TR03/2008
Armor material : DSM Dyneema®
V50 value : 541.3 m/s
Areal Density : 3.58 kg/m2 (without cover)
Thinness : 4 mm

Warranty :


10 years

Below is a quick comparison chart of our entire product line.  As always if you have specific questions not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

NIJ standard: - NIJ .04 NIJ .04 NIJ .04
SK1 standard: certified certified - certified
Warranty: 10 years 7 years 10 years 10 years
Ballistic Performance: ***** ***** ***** *****
Anti-stab capability: ** **** ** ***
Thinness: ***** ** *** ***
Flexibility: ***** ** ***** ***
Weight: ***** *** *** ***
Waterproofness: **** **** **** ****

***** = Best in class
****   = Excellent
***     = Good
**       = Average
*         = Poor

All our ballistic packages have been thoroughly tested at official testing laboratories such as H.P. White Laboratory (USA), Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (USA), TNO (Netherlands) and Mellrichstadt Ballistic Laboratory (Germany).