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Body Armor News

JULY 2015

EnGarde Deploys Force Protection Gear For Milipol Paris 2015

– (PARIS – July 29, 2015) The Milipol Paris exhibition, being held at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre on November 17-20, this year has special significance for EnGarde body armor. France was rocked earlier in the year by a series of terrorist attacks and that means the Milipol exhibition takes on a sense of urgency for attendees and exhibitors alike. Click here to read more.

APRIL 2015

EnGarde Body Armor Gears Up For INFOPOL 2015

(The Netherlands – April 2, 2015) – EnGarde body armor is showcasing some of its newest and most innovative products at INFOPOL in Kortrijk, Belgium, on April 21-23. INFOPOL is the regional trade show for police and security equipment for all of Benelux, a region composed of the three neighboring countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Click here to read more.


EnGarde Debuts Newest FLEX-PRO-SK1™ Soft Armor Panel At Enforce Tac

(The Netherlands – Jan 28, 2015) – On March 4-5, 2015, EnGarde body armor will join representatives of police, military and law enforcement agencies from all over the world at the Enforce Tac exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany to view the latest in law enforcement training and equipment under one roof at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. Click here to read more.


EnGarde Supports Reporters Without Borders

(The Netherlands – Nov 27, 2014) – EnGarde body armor is pleased to announce that it is donating body armor to support the mission of the Swedish division of Reporters Without Borders. With correspondents in 150 countries and issuing over 1,000 press releases every year, Reporters Without Borders acts to fight censorship and laws aimed at restricting freedom of information. Click here to read more.

EnGarde Expands Market With German SK1 Certification

(Amsterdam – November 20, 2014) - To better serve customers in Germany, EnGarde body armor has completed the German SK1 TR03/2008 certification process for the ULTRA™ flexible ballistic panel. German law enforcement agencies can only purchase officially certified body armor models and the EnGarde ULTRA™ ballistic panel breezed through the rigorous testing protocol. Click here to read more.


EnGarde Out In Force At The German Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference

(Amsterdam – August 27, 2014) - EnGarde body armor will join 490 other vendors from 28 countries on five continents in the centrally located German city of Leipzig for the 8th International Exhibition and Conference for Police, Special Forces and Public Safety. Commonly called the German Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference, or GPEC, the conference is being held from September 9-11 in 2014. EnGarde will be present at GPEC representing its entire line of body armor and tactical gear. Click here to read more.

MAY 2014

EnGarde FLEX-PRO™ Shines At SOFEX 2014

EnGarde’s FLEX-PRO™ soft armor panel was the star of the show at this year’s Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX) held biennially in Amman, Jordan.  EnGarde staff introduced our new FLEX-PRO™ soft armor panels to attendees representing 35 nations.  Click here to read more.

MARCH 2014

Is Journalist Body Armor Up To The Task In Venezuela & Ukraine?

There is a major difference between street violence and shots fired. The protest that are currently taking place in two separate countries reached new levels this week when guns were added into the mix, making life much more difficult for journalists covering the events. Click here to read more.


Caring For Your Body Armor

In order for your vest to last, it is very important to properly maintain it. This article contains all the information you need to take care of your vest, including instructions for storage, assembly, and cleaning. Click here to read more.


More Active Shooter Incidents Involve High Powered Rifles

A recent Texas State University report paints an interesting picture of the changing threat landscape facing law enforcement and security personnel in the U.S. Click here to read the complete newsitem.

JUNE 2013

Spartanc81 Reviews EnGarde Hard Armor Panels

The crew at Spartanc81 took two of our plates and subjected them to some brutal punishment, far beyond their rated capacities.Click here to read the complete newsitem.

MAY 2013

EnGarde Introduces New MT-PRO™ Multi-Threat Panel

EnGarde is proud to announce the introduction of our new MT-PRO™ multi-threat panel that fits in many of our popular ballistic models such as the DeLuxe, Patrol and Leopard.  Click here to read the complete newsitem.

JAN 2013

EnGarde Looking Forward to 2013

At EnGarde the new year is our favorite time of year because this is the time we look back at the notes and messages from customers who are still alive because they were wearing our body armor. Click here to read the complete newsletter.

JAN 2013

NIJ Body Armor Standard

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) first began testing and producing body armor (safety vests) and performance criteria for ballistic and stab resistance during the mid-1970s. And, since that time, the lives of more than 3,000 officers were saved. Click here to read more.

DEC 2012

EnGarde Signs License Agreement With DSM Dyneema

EnGarde BV, one of the top manufacturers of bulletproof vests and high quality body armor, and DSM Dyneema, producer of ultra-lightweight Dyneema® fabric, have signed a Trademark License Agreement. Click here to read the complete article.

OCT 2012

EnGarde Distributor Inks Deal With Police Association

Argentea, EnGarde’s main distributor in Portugal, announced a major new deal with the Association of Police Professionals (ASPP-PSP), the largest union representing Portuguese police professionals. Click here to read the complete article.

OCT 2012

IKEA In Greece Chooses EnGarde 2012

To help insure the safety of their staff and customers, security guards at all the IKEA stores in Greece and Cyprus will be fitted with the latest EnGarde equipment. Click here to read the complete article.

NOV 2011

EnGarde Bomb Blankets Adapt To The Threat

The EnGarde body armor Ballistic Bomb Blanket is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of ballistic protective equipment we offer.  Our bomb blankets provide personnel and property with Level IIIA protection from small explosive devices and grenade fragments in a convenient,  lightweight package that can be deployed quickly and easily in a variety of threat situations. Click here to read the complete article.

EnGarde introduces ultra light body armor

Providing the most comfortable and highest possible level of ballistic and trauma protection yet, EnGarde has developed a revolutionary ultrathin, lightweight body armor. With this new NIJ Level IIIA+ ballistic armor package, EnGarde will continue to provide its clients in law enforcement, private security agencies and the military with maximum protection. Click here to read the complete article.

OCT 2011

EnGarde Tactical Armor for Crew Protection

Lookouts scan the horizon, searching for any boat or vessel that looks out of place, careful eyes watch the radar screen. The entire crew is on edge; radio chatter between ships is nearly constant. Click here to read the complete article.

MAY 2011

EnGarde introduces Marine Tactical Kits

In order to improve the safety of merchant mariners EnGarde has recently developed three tactical armor kits. These tactical kits have been especially designed for mariners operating in high threat sea zones. Click here to read the download the brochure.

NOV 2010

EnGarde supplies Canadian Helicopters Ltd.

EnGarde has received an undisclosed order of delivery to supply Canadian Helicopters Ltd. with bullet proof vests for protection in Afghanistan. Click here to read the complete article.

NOV 2009

One of the world’s largest open-hatch fleet company chooses EnGarde.

JAN 2009

Greek Navy Chooses EnGarde Body Armor for Anti-Piracy Mission in Somalia

Greece, Britain, France and Germany will provide warships for the initial naval contingent. France and Italy will provide patrol aircraft. The task force will replace a Nato force that has been in the region escorting cargo ships to Somalia since the end of October. Click here to read the complete press release.

AUG 2007

EnGarde body armor vests outperform standard issue Police vests

In a recent study EnGarde body armor vests were compared head-to-head with standard issue police body armor. The test showed a significant increase in satisfaction with EnGarde vests across all categories tested.

EnGarde expands international distribution network

EnGarde further expands its international presence and is proud that EnGarde distributors also become active in Ecuador, Italy, Malaysia and Portugal.

JUL 2007

Another NATO tender won again by EnGarde

EnGarde wins second and third tender and delivers body armor to ground personnel ISAF (NATO), Afghanistan. Details are classified.

OCT 2006

EnGarde wins NATO tender

EnGarde wins tender and delivers body armor to ground personnel ISAF (NATO), Afghanistan. Details are classified.

JAN 2006

ENGARDEIIIA-PRO soft armor panel

New ENGARDEIIIA-PRO body armor model tested through NLECTC and found to comply with Type IIIA performance in accordance with NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements for Bullet-Resistant Body Armor. Click here to read the complete press release.

JUNE 2005

IAP chooses EnGarde body armor

IAP Worldwide Services and AIM Group choose for EnGarde Employees from IAP Worldwide Services and the AIM Group choose for EnGarde body armor to protect themselves against fire arm threats in Iraq.