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Police Body Armor

EnGarde Distributor Inks Deal With Police Association

(Lisbon – October 22, 2012) – Argentea, EnGarde’s main distributor in Portugal, announced a major new deal with the Association of Police Professionals (ASPP-PSP), the largest union representing Portuguese police professionals.

The deal will allow the ASPP to select from the full line of EnGarde’s tactical protection products on favorable financial terms. 

The 11,800 members of the Portuguese ASPP will be able to choose from EnGarde’s DeLuxe line of highly concealable bulletproof vests to the EnGarde Leopard, a highly adaptable line of police body armor capable of stopping high velocity military grade ammunition.  For a mixed threat environment ASPP members could opt for the EnGarde Dual Use line, which can be adapted for use in a wide variety of tactical situations. 
Iwan Luiten, marketing manager of EnGarde body armor, states: “We are very happy that EnGarde continues to grow even in this challenging economic environment. The hard work of our partners worldwide and our high quality, innovative products are a strong combination. We gratefully welcome the ASPP members to the EnGarde family.”
Comprised of only the lightest and strongest materials such as DSM Dyneema, Dupont Kevlar, Teijin Twaron and Pro-Systems Artec, EnGarde bulletproof vests and body armor provide lightweight protection with superior ergonomic engineering.  Our police body armor is designed to prevent user fatigue when wearing protective equipment for long periods of time and to remain cool, even in hot climates.

The partnership between EnGarde and the ASPP is another example that EnGarde’s commitment to quality protection sometimes means working with customers caught between competing budgetary priorities. 

“Many of our customers face budgetary challenges,” admits Luiten.  “We work with our customers and partners on budget cycles and delivery terms to insure that the best in ballistic protection is also the best value.” 

EnGarde is also one of the biggest suppliers of bulletproof vests and police body armor to the Greek police and was recently selected by IKEA to supply ballistic protection to their in-store security personnel. 

Elizabete Pinto, Argentea Director (right) and Vitor Veloso Partnership director from ASPP (left) look over one of EnGarde’s bulletproof vests. Vitor Veloso Partnership director from ASPP (left) and Elizabete Pinto, Argentea Director mark a new security partnership between EnGarde and the ASPP.